The worlds of fashion and art collide for Nicolette, Pittsburgh Artist and Owner of Nicolette Jewelry Sculptures.  Nicolette's work is best described as high fashion, handcrafted, artisan jewelry originating from her passion to synergize current fashion trends with the unique feel of artisanal jewelry.  


“At the heart of my work is the idea that my customers and I believe what we wear from head to toe is a creative expression of ourselves; from hair to clothing, shoes and especially jewelry.  An original should wear an original,” according to Nicolette.


Nicolette’s work is instinctual; blending her sharp style sense with her desire to push the boundaries of where fashion intersects with art.  Her jewelry creations radiate meticulous craftsmanship combined with the highest quality materials and her persistently advancing, original handcrafting techniques. 


“I like my jewelry to embody where femininity meets strength, where soft meets tough.  I follow my intuition; the design starts in my head and then comes to life through sculpting and hand painting each piece several times until it emotes the look and feel I want to communicate.”


Each is an original with no two ever exactly alike.  Creating each piece by hand herself, Nicolette sculpts with a super soft velvety suede integrating brass eyelets and other unique elements.  Each piece exudes originality with a dash of drama. 


Her transformative jewelry allows the wearer to step into another dimension of fashion…the art of fashion. 

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